Bump’s Thanksgiving Dressing

November 23, 2017

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is Grandpa Gregoire’s (Bumps) famous Thanksgiving dressing. (He would correct you if you called is stuffing…it is only stuffing if it goes in the turkey.) Mom helped me write the recipe down to share with everyone:

Bumpa’s Turkey Dressing

Turkey Gizzards processed through a meat grinder
crouton bread, through the meat grinder after the gizzards
1 onion, grated
boiled potatoes, riced
celery salt
turkey stock
salt and pepper

Make a day ahead. Saute onions and gizzards in a pan. Combine with the other ingredients. Reheat the next day adding turkey stock as it cooks to keep it moist.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Bumpa’s potato ricer is still in use.



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    1. Yes, it was and still is the best dressing and thanks for posting the recipe! Miss you all…….Happy Thanksgiving 😎

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