Gregoire-Conlin Wedding 1938

November 4, 2017

Agnes Conlin, M. Gregoire to be married

I was excited to discover the wedding announcement for Marvin and Agnes (Conlin) Gregoire. They were married in Poplar, Montana on September 5, 1938. Marvin and Agnes went on to have four children and were happily married until Agnes’ death in 2004.

Wedding announcement from the Great Falls Tribune on September 5.

After the wedding, the couple settled into the Leland Apartments in Great Falls, Montana. You can still rent a place in the Leland Apartments today!


Leland Apartments, click on the photo for google view

Click on the Ancestry links below to learn more about their lives:

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    1. So amazing to see the wedding pic and announcement together and there first apartment. Most people never saw the outdoorsman part of my mom, but they went to Yellowstone for the honeymoon. Pretty rustic for Nana. 🏕

      1. I was too young to witness Nana, the outdoorswoman. Would love to see photos of them in Yellowstone!

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